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People who have spent their childhood in the Soviet past, most likely always have memories associated with puzzles and riddles.Among these was a fun exciting game Spot the Difference.Probably many remember it.Why, 2 images, it seems that the same, but they carry a certain number of differences that are to be found.Some children's magazines used these images for a variety of contests.After all, a talented artist who knows features a human, able to hide these details very well, so only a few are able to detect them.This kind of contests were also held in 90 years.Some archaic data logs contests and conduct at the time, but as magazines, and these contests are not very popular on the background of the Internet.In this modern monitors is not as harmful as the old version of tube displays.In connection with this play Spot the Difference has become much easier with a PC than using a magazine or newspaper.Helps in this fairly easy to use interface, it just take away from the image contrast was found, not knocking the players more ticked above pictures or need to remember the location of parts, some of which are the optical focus.At this time, free games Spot the Difference can be found on many sites, so you will at any time be able to enjoy their favorite game.As you can see, in the genre of puzzle PC completely defeated the paper not to say conservatives and reactionaries.Spot the Difference game, of course, quite interesting.However, technological progress threw them from the market.Since there are far more interesting game genres.The main substitute for these games are just games related to the search of objects, operating on the same principle, but with a much larger developer creativity.This is a kind vraschivanii this kind of game works in a completely different genre.For example, in an RPG or a quest.Available with other genres, such as racing or shooter, but they are rare.Therefore genre was only built in the format of small games, but as a unique individual solutions play games online Spot the Difference stayed in a small quantity.Therefore, a large number of options for the game Spot the Difference is hidden in many quests and other games that are a mix of different kinds of puzzles in one game play.To play on the computer in an ancient genre, you only need to select a suitable site, which at that time on the Internet a lot.

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