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The first Games appeared thousands of years ago.They existed in Egypt.These games include chess, checkers and many other popular games.Very famous game of Monopoly, which was later moved to the computer screens and has become very popular in the computer world.Something similar happened with many other board games.With the advent and widespread development of computer technology, they increasingly can be seen on the display screen.A good example of this is the game of Monopoly.It was created in the first half of the thirties of the twentieth century and remains popular to this day.Its rules are not complicated.The player moves through the game map, standing on the field with any assets, players can purchase the asset if it is free, but in case it already belongs to another player, the user is obliged to pay him according to the established rules of the game-list.When visiting the board with any events the player must follow the dropped in the game for him the event, in particular: to get money from the bank, or to give the money to the Bank.And as many other options.The game became very popular in the era of decline of the USSR.Once there were board games online, Monopoly has been redone for online games.As in other similar board games, playing Monopoly is now available on the computer in single player or multiplayer mode.The player chooses.In addition, known and opposite version game evolution.Famous Civilization games originally appeared on the computer screen, and then went into a board game.The strategy game is in this case, the government of his own empire.During this exciting game, you go all the way mankind from ancient times to the present.During the game, the user is - to explore the available area to build their cities, buildings, and all sorts of wonders.In this case, the game is very important to quickly invent new technologies to make war with the enemy, make alliances with friends.This game can end a diplomatic victory, or a military victory, or technology or space victory, there is an option when the game ends with a total conquest.The winner in this game, the user receives the maximum points.Before, we could see similar board games online, but now they are well known not only in the Internet.If you like these games board, you can play them on the set of the corresponding game servers and sites.

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Games Board Games. Play free online games, Board games.

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