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Just you wait, perhaps the most famous Soviet animated series ever filmed.The wolf is a very popular and interesting character who, in his own ingenious and cunning.In the cartoon, he is not acting of good cheer, and each time inventing new ways to catch the elusive hare, but he never succeeds.It is quite possible, he likes the process of chasing and fighting the Hare.In the animated series every time, plotting some evil machinations against hares, wolves necessarily falls into the rather silly, stupid and ridiculous position.In this clever wolf, well performing acrobatic stunts, but his unsuccessful efforts eventually cause the viewer laugh.It is natural that the main characters of the animated film became quite popular in the world of computer games.A lot of websites provide free game Just you wait.Finding them is not difficult.For all who want to play, well, wait a minute for free and often even without registration, can be found on countless gaming sites.Back in the eighties, was widely known electronic game Just you wait.In this game, the user, managing a wolf, which could take four different positions in the game trying to catch as many falling eggs in the basket.For one egg caught the player adds one point.Eggs with rolled on four trays that were present in the four corners of the screen.As is usually the case, the first eggs were rolling slowly, but gradually accelerating pace of the game considerably, and, up to a high speed.If the egg is falling, the player receives a penalty point, it is usually designated a picture of chicken.Upon receipt of a player in the game a certain number of points penalty canceled.In the event of a three eggs down to the ground game is usually stopped.So far in the internet you can find this game simulators well wait for free.But of course that is not the only version of the game, which you can find.For all the fans to play well, wait for free can be presented in a completely different versions for a very large number of relevant websites.

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Games Just you wait. Play free online games Well, wait a minute.

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