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Today it is almost impossible to find anyone who would not be known famous TV game that used in Russia called "The Lucky. "In the future, the television version of the game has changed its name and it was called that way, as well as its foreign counterparts.Quite Naturally, this popular game has appeared in the IT world.In Internet on many popular gaming sites you can play different versions of this game.However, they may be different, but it is not very makes a difference To a modern version of the television program to earn money, you need to correctly answer fifteen different questions from a variety of disciplines.Each given question in this game has four possible answers, and only one only one answer is correct.Naturally every question in the game and television transfer has costs.The more difficult a question, the larger the amount of of money that a player can get for him.In this game, there is a sum in commonly called a "fireproof."This is the amount that will remain with player, even in the case of a completely wrong answer to one of the subsequent later issues.At any time the player can stop playing and pick winnings.But in the case of an incorrect answer, the player can only immediate reach up to this "fireproof" amount, then the player goes out.If you are in the game on a lucky play online, you will notice that rules of computer games like her TV version.Respectively, in about Lucky Online Anyone can play.No need to learn anything, and nothing master.That's why the game how to become a millionaire and everyone can play.Recently appeared in the Ukraine and the Ukrainian version described by television game.In this case, the Ukraine a new version of the game, which the rules are somewhat different from the usual Russian.In this version of the game simultaneously involved six players.The game goes Shootout.When given incorrect answer, the one who was wrong, out of the game.But the game itself in this version does not start completely over.It is with that level of complexity, where was an error, it will continue to the next participant.Thus in some sites, you can play on a lucky play online on the new rules.Everyone will find their own.So in this game as lucky online play can any player who wishes it, and the rules that he personally satisfied.So the game has a great popularity among all players.

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Games On lucky. Play free online games about lucky.

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