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Hunting and fishing are known to people for hundreds of thousands of years.No wonder they are so widely available as computer games.One of the first hunting simulator appeared more than fifteen years ago.By today's standards, the gameplay is quite primitive.The game usually takes place in the forest, in some cases, in a meadow at different times of the year.Only had to hunt deer.Any other animals besides the aforementioned deer can often be found in the game, but they actually played the role of the scenery for the game plot.Some of these animals can sometimes be killed, but in this case the player for them did not get a trophy, more than that, he was threatened with being penalized, if the animal was classified as prohibited for hunting.In the future, have been created and other options like games, but much more advanced and high quality.Often during the game hunting and fishing near neighbors, but sometimes they are quite different, and the game was dedicated to anything alone.New games of these genres are noticeably different from the original version.Animals in these games have become quite good game intelligence.This intelligence allows animals to use their sense of self-defense, and in some cases even be aggressive against people.In addition, they can eat, sleep, as well as swim.Numerous game modes Tournament games have appeared that allow very popular tournaments online.Among the most popular games of this genre, it is mandatory to mention the game Russian fishing.It is one of the most popular games of this type.In this interesting game tournaments are of considerable importance, they are usually held fairly regularly on weekends.If you wish to take part in them, the player must register and be sure to arrive at the base in a pre specified time.Winners receive a unique gear.In this case, we also see a situation where during the game hunting and fishing are separated.In the game Russian fishing from the relatively recently released its latest version, there is a real full-fledged multiplayer mode.In contrast, in older versions of this popular toy, present only online translation, regularly featuring on the site in the success of all players.Recently, for the game Russian fishing by many developers made numerous modifications, and various translations into many other languages, is supported and there is a popular forum associated with this game.

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