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Puzzles - puzzles known since antiquity.In this game it is necessary to make a mosaic of the many fragments of a picture.In our time of great development have received computer puzzles.The first computer games, puzzles have appeared long ago.During this long time they have been a very serious way of development.Currently, in the computer world there are so many different kinds, types, and various modifications of computer puzzle games.They are quite different, but there are also a lot in common.Whatever the characteristics of these puzzles goal they always the same - to get from scattered individual tiles single picture.With computer puzzles, as well as the actual share on the size and shape of elements, as well as the size of a single picture.Many of these toys represent a only a single puzzle.So they are very convenient as online games.Having solved one puzzle, you can switch to another game.Therefore, many users often prefer puzzles online play, but not in conventional computer options.Puzzles are very different depending on the target audience of these interesting puzzles.In particular, children's puzzles computer manufacturers often draw pictures of various fictional characters.In addition, there may be a car, as well as footage from the cartoon.But you can not just children's puzzles to play online.On the Internet you can find many versions of this game for adults.As mentioned, for those who like to play online puzzles are good that not many take the time and do not require extensive training.So to play online puzzle very good option.In adult computer puzzle may show various views, and various erotic and fantastic images.On some sites, you can find puzzles with advertising images.The assembly of some popular computer puzzle games may require a lot of energy.Despite this, many users prefer to play online games puzzles, the popular Internet service.Besides classical versions of computer puzzle games, there are new, often quite original modification.However, regardless of type, can always be on sites where there are puzzle games to play for free.The most common computer puzzles usually have a rectangular shape with recesses, but often also found in game elements are triangular or any other shape.Modern computer gaming world is very diverse.

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