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Parkour - the art of movement and overcoming various obstacles, which occurs usually in the normal urban conditions.This concept became a cult and many involved parkour actually perceived as a lifestyle.Quite naturally, there were also mimic parkour game.In particular, free running game is a simulator of parkour.At the beginning of the game the user is to make their own choice of the player character.In this case, also in the game there are various secret characters that are not immediately available, but will be available to the player with the full and completed pass of the game.And playing these characters can only be in the event that the player wants to start this game again.A real fan of parkour immediately notice that in this computer game are a lot of variety of acrobatic tricks, many of which were installed at the same time for the game with the movement of real people.Certainly, it is not the only option to meet with such a way of life for a computer screen.On the Web can be found online games parkour.Anyone wishing to play games online Parkour can choose an option, or play a game more closely related to classical, such as games dedicated to the centuries-old war between the Templars and Assassins.The main character of this game is a descendant of the Assassins.Using a special machine, which is able to read the memory of ancestors of DNA the protagonist is able to re-live the events of the past.But for him it is not just entertainment.He has a very important purpose.He wants to know where his ancestors hid particles Eden.He hopes to find and get them much sooner than it will do the Templars.The result of his work will be prevented by the end of the world.In the Internet widespread flash game about parkour.Many of those associated with parkour video games are readily available to play online.It is very important that they do not need to download and install yourself.Typically, these computer games are located on the popular Internet portals and can immediately work.The player is quite enough to go on a game resource, find a toy, and then, once it is possible to play.In this modern gaming computer industry regularly and constantly releasing new series of games of this kind.There are already whole cycles of the popular computer entertainment, and some of these video games have come out for quite a long time and do not lose their popularity.

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Parkour game. Play free online games Parkour.

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