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From the time you first became acquainted with the child's personal computer, consider that his fascination with various computer games began.No child shall be limited to watching cartoons or illustrations to you like a beautiful story.Even if a curious child to leave a little time alone with the computer, having the skills to use the mouse and having no idea about the algorithm of labels and folders, it will immediately learn what else is available.Of course, he will not be able in a short period of time to format the hard drive, but if the child will be able to find a game, I think that the process has begun.When he realizes that the computer can still play, you can not drive away from this magic machine.Quite an important factor will be that the first game of what he finds.It will be great if this game would be: Tetris or balls.And if he finds any game with some elements of undressing, which at that time very much.Then you come across a lot of questions from your child already computerized.The conclusion - it is better to show your child the right by the game and how to play them.And the game should be chosen very carefully.For example, games for girls Rhythm indifferent will not leave any doshkolnitsu.It completely captures the process of selecting your virtual wardrobe doll, fairy or princess.However, she soon forgets that she wanted to fully explore the computer, as it will have a great subject for research for the next few hours.How to find these games?First of all, you can use a search engine and enter there, for example the phrase "games for girls online Rhythm."After that, you will see a huge number of sites that meet this requirement.You just have to choose the one that best suits you.Very popular game in online mode.Indeed, in some cases, the game may not like it - then there is no need to save it on your computer.In this case, the best option to play online games.If you see that the online game completely take over your daughter, you simply need to add this site to your bookmarks.This will allow you the next time your daughter wants to play games Rhythm games, quickly and easily turn her game.Each day the number of games increases, as all developers understand what an enormous demand games of this genre.Not surprisingly, soon after the cartoon, there are many interesting different games with these characters.

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