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Many people, both children and their parents are known cartoons popular series "Madagascar."These works of contemporary film industry cause only the most kind and joyful emotions through a unique, well-developed characters.But the most recognizable characters is a team of penguins, of whom there were even created game Penguins of Madagascar.Popular Penguins appeared once, in the first part of an interesting animated film "Madagascar."They belonged to the idea away from the New York Zoo and their freedom, and they were followed by all key characters in the cartoon.But in the end, escape from the zoo failed: euthanize the animal police.Then the authorities of the city decided to send them to the national nature reserve in Kenya.But in the course of events again intervene resourceful penguins.Penguins captured a ship and send it to the Antarctic.As a result of a sharp maneuver, cases where the main characters fall into the water, and then throw them out on the beautiful coast of Madagascar.It is there to turn around all the major events of the cartoon.Through charisma, penguins instantly became popular characters.They began to appear in the following parts of the cartoon, but the main characters are interesting animated series "The Penguins of Madagascar."At present, these characters are transferred in the computer industry, and online game Penguins of Madagascar are extremely popular.The bulk of them, allows you to play as any character in this black-and-white group: Skipper Kowalski, Private and Rico.And every character has a distinct personality.Skipper is the leader of the team due to his commanding skills acquired during the former military career.He always assured of the rightness of their own decisions, often recalls Johnson Manfreddi, which, he believes, are the real examples of great fighters.Rico - the most talkative of all penguins.Due to its specific maniacal tendencies is kind of strike force team, not by chance that all are called "first-class psychopath."Penguin, which has the nickname Kowalski is a think tank of the team.Due to a great intellectual abilities he constantly invents useful device, which, however, can cause harm to the world.Soldier - born in England, left his career golfer because of the 1st accident.After which decided to join this group of penguins.Each character is unique penguin squad.As you can see, the Penguins of Madagascar game is rather exciting and fun.They like an audience of any age.

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