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Very popular game Pirates of the Caribbean, where there is a huge number.Among these games, any user can choose the desired game.There are some games where you have the opportunity to play golf with the Pirates of the Caribbean.This game was created in the style of the extraordinary adventure based on Pirates.So, you, along with a young boy novice pirate parrot Caribbean and need to go in search of adventure.To move you use a special method of golf, getting into different wells.At all levels, you will indicate where the ball should go and then what you should do.To hit the ball, you must select it and hold down the left mouse button delay to select the force of impact, depending, on flight distance ball.Also use the arrow keys, you can explore the area and determine where best to make an impact.During the game you must collect gold coins.The game is quite beautiful with various unexpected adventures familiar Pirates of the Caribbean!But the most popular is Pirates of the Caribbean: The Mutiny on the ship which is based on the story of the fourth part of the movie.With this game, all fans of Jack Sparrow and his merry friends can immerse themselves in a dangerous and crazy world of piracy, with constant adventure.On a plot of the game the player needs to go on a real pirate ship and where to find all of the old maps, indicating the location of hidden treasures.However, the problem is not as simple as it seems at first sight, in the way the characters are constantly waiting for the various traps, rolling barrels, falling grenades, as well as a huge horde of zombies attacking pirates who do not want to lose their treasures.This flash game is very intriguing, colorful, it is particularly dynamic.The game has a choice of hero for whom you'll play: for himself Jack Sparrow and his beautiful companion, Angelica.That is why this game is interesting both girls and boys.Both characters have unique skills in a fight that will help you more quickly to deal with pirates, zombies that constantly roam the cabins and decks.For the dead pirates issued glasses.Also, points can be earned for the coins to be collected.But do not forget that you are not immortal and must continuously monitor the health, if necessary, adding to it.There are various games Pirates of the Caribbean, so if you like pirates, these games will give you a real pleasure

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