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Probably still alive representation of the toy from Japan tamogochi.Many of today's adults were holding it in their hands.Electronic novelty different upbringing heightened anxiety and responsibility.If Zverko long neglected, appears on the screen coffin, talking about the imminent demise of wild animal.And not what features did not help revive the animal, just having got a new one.Since its suspiciousness children was very difficult to experience the loss of the animal.So they learned the concept of death.Increased mortality among children, because of the inability to survive the loss of a loved animal.This turn of events marked by the appearance of a cemetery, buried Japanese tamogochey.Later introduced the innovation of the reset button.Such an experiment was replicated by the developers of games for children.Were designed to find yourself a game allowing the electronic pet, cat, parrot, puppy.For a long time, be cared for, to walk, to feed, heal, play.The animal in any case did not die, if it took care of every day.It can only be sad to lose the collected points and lose weight.If there are several levels of the game, you will not be able to leave early, do not exercise due care and attention to your pet.Just a few minutes a day looking after the electronic pet, namely feeding, walks, treatment, if necessary, game do not hurt your child, but the child will be able to instill a sense of responsibility and care for those who tamed.Therefore, many parents offer children to play online games for pets.Ably well designed cute little animals will not leave anyone indifferent making games with more touching and hilarious.Few will not pay attention to the sad kitten with big eyes fathomless.You would have a desire to care for and look after the baby.Do not take this game lightly and carelessly.Super modern simulators made by so many realistic that acquired kid can give you a lot of trouble, and the animal in real life.It can often require a little while you eat and drink, but also to play with him.This is manifested in meowing, or other sounds that are very persistent sound, and the sharp drop points in your status.The animal must often clean up, as well as to entertain the same as in real life games.If your baby has started to age require purchase pet home, offering him to play online games pets.Characterised by restlessness and impatience children already ten minutes later to tell you that they are tired pet.Then we can safely draw the analogy that in real life critter alive and everything is much more complicated.

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