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Perhaps pointless to complain of the general dullness of Internet users until such time as puzzles, logic games of various kinds hold a stable position in the ranking of entertainment in the computer environment.In humans, there has always been a need in the gym for the intellect and finding unconventional solutions, and improved observation.A number of games in which the main task - to find ways out of the closed space, is a striking proof of this.And thoroughly aware that these computer games are not only highly intellectuals, according to opponents of the temporal pastime for PC.This genre of games today is mainstream.Escape games are continuing popularity.Different types of shoots from the clinic of psychiatry, tombs, prisons, basements, underground, school lessons honorable ranking as number of teen favorite games, office workers, housewives, and even learn a PC from more terrible age category.These games for all ages and all types of activities.Probably only a child playing this kind, as an escape does not look attractive.After all, to solve the problem, you need to connect the logic to have care, diligence.After all, there are times when you can spend looking for more than 3 hours.Are most likely to occur in a single location.This location should be good to explore, to find the necessary items hidden good instructions and secret codes, and other small items.Only such an extensive search will lead you to the desired escape and move to another location.Escape games have, as a rule, to step through.You need to use a pre-designed algorithm developers good passing.For example, while you will not find a small clip, tucked away in a large folder with important papers, you can not unlock the box.The box contains a piece of paper with a code written on it from the safe.And therein lies ....Likely to deceive game developers and ignore one of the links in the logical chain is unlikely to succeed.It is hard to be believed, but this kind of game has been able to gain the status of a cult.It seems that the last person becomes the owner of their high intelligence and extraordinary thinking.As a result, these games just require you to perseverance, observation, perseverance.Not knowing what you can try to use this or that subject, just try poklikat all that you can.So you can easily find the truth.If that failed to pass, then welcome to a variety of forums, community social networks.Where you can learn in detail how to get one or another of a similar number of games on logic.

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