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The Soviet Union was created so-called "Iron Curtain" by which contact with foreigners was limited and the culture and traditions of other countries, Soviet citizens had rather vague ideas.With the collapse of the Soviet Union special interest to the citizens of the former state represents the culture and traditions of countries such as China, Japan, India.For Europeans Japanese culture is unusual and mysterious.Perception of the world inhabitant of the Rising Sun is slightly different from the perception of European citizens.So for example for Europeans rather unusual sense of honor (Bushido Code), Japanese Kabuki theater, quite exotic wear kimonos and more.Creator of the popular Pokemon original idea embodied in the form of the game.Moreover, the author's intention is perceived differently in Japan than in other countries.As a child, many of us are fond of collecting items.So the inventor of Pokemon under the wave of enthusiasm created a children's fantasy world - the world of Pokemon.He's not going to create a game and as the author of a science fiction novel, he created a new world of unusual that the real has nothing to do.This creative thinking allowed him to conquer almost the entire planet.It all started with the Japanese rebyatni.But now these games like Pokemon tsunami swept the world.Pokémon games are familiar not only to children but also some adults.They, along with the children gather multgeroya collection from the animated series of Pokemon.Most children liked Pikachu Yellow - cute animal.In some subcultures, it equates to a sponge Bob.But the author still managed to infect the idea of ​​collecting the world's children.Chips featuring Pokemon characters distributed around the world and serve as a coin exchange in children's games.They collect them and exchange, thus expanding the horizons and communicate with peers.Different characters Pokemon on the chips out different editions.But it's not been cultivated since the creators of Pokemon is not released under the chips kits to store the collection.It was necessary to create a system of cost of balls, then exchange tokens were to go longer and more interesting.Equal to the value of each chip allowed it quickly exchanged for the missing in the collection.But the animated series and the chips of rebyatni relevant to this day.However, these cartoon monsters every day less find a place on the blue screen of many countries.Thanks to the Internet and computer games Pokemon found a niche development of online games.Maximum popularity of the game was able to find only there where it came out, soisin the computer.Pokémon games are a number of sites, so you can always choose a favorite option.

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Pokemon Games. Play free online games Pokemon.

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