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Online poker is a game multiplayer flash games, they run directly in the browser window and allow you to play the famous card game with a variety of other people over the internet.Many sites offer to play online poker for free, but there are also sites that require money for it.Or take in a large percentage of withdrawals.If you still do not know how to play poker, it is better to begin his acquaintance with this exciting game, playing for virtual money.And only then, when you know all the rules and subtleties of the game go for real.There are a large number of games, but it's best to start learning with a classic five-card version of the game with the exchange of cards (called Draw).This is the simplest version of poker, he won great popularity in our country.He played in many, ranging from students and ending with the old, on vechernikah, in the classroom, and just at home in the evening.Whereas previously, many wanted to learn how to play poker, but did not know how.But now with the Internet, everything changed.You can play poker for free on any site that you like.On some sites do not even need to register, you simply select the desired option, and just start playing.To play a game of poker you want to join any of the free gaming tables that are already created by other players or you can create your own virtual poker table.In the process of creating your own table, you need to determine the type of poker table: private - public, set the number of players, to set the minimum bid and to determine the type of betting in poker.Also, when playing poker, you must install store to move the player, because your opponent can sometimes move away, hang, and soetc.And it would be difficult to wait until he recovered again at the table.At the very beginning of the game, everyone makes a basic initial stake.Then, each player is given five cards.After that, the next phase of trading, where participants can "stand", the rate of lift or exit the game.By the end of trading, there is the draw phase, where everyone is able to change from a closed first to 5 cards and start trading again, after which cards are opened.Wins the player who has the best hand at the poker hand.As you can see the game is not very complicated, but you need to learn all the good poker hand.Therefore, in the beginning it is better to start playing poker online for free.It is only after you get your desired experience and learn all the poker hands go play for real money.Of course, if you play for real money you will get an unforgettable experience and a surge of adrenaline.

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