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We have everything from small to large, are familiar with this popular game around the 90's.At that time, people have been a big shock to get money just like that, without putting much effort.It took up quite a bit of risk and the level of knowledge about razgadyvatelya crosswords.Transmission has achieved its peak of popularity in a very short time.It was made by analogy program from America "Wheel of Fortune."Its undisputed master was and remains unrivaled Leonid Yakubovich.He could become a favorite of the public and to the glory of the people.Presented him with gifts has created on the basis of the transmission field of dreams museum.The program was attended by people from all over the former Soviet Union.Everyone wanted to quickly and easily hear the word "capital show" to improve their finances.The first studio was decorated in the style of the nineties, with a bunch of brilliant lights and a tux and leading models with long legs girls in mini skirts with tight frilly smiles that brought prizes and money.On accent and manner of texts submitted L.Jakubowicz said his long work Auctioneer.Aboriginal his phrase "... in the studio!, "Which he uttered a particular intonation, plus a car to live among the people of our time.These words are in use for those who do not really remember the very transmission.The fact that the transfer is still going on the first channel in the current period does not prevent its low ratings, there is no rush to who was in the nineties when the transfer was only aired.Therefore, we can safely say that the show had its time and place.And probably his place left there in the nineties.But this does not become a hindrance for people who have a desire to play games online wonderland.Field of Dreams is designed not so much to guess the letters and words, and then to have the opportunity to each player to feel in the studio.It helps us to return to the atmosphere of the nineties, as if to feel once again a blue screen.After viewing this broadcast on Friday night was for many families a bit of Friday night ritual.The whole family took seat at the TV screen while playing a transfer.Sometimes even trying to solve the hidden word faster players.This Saskatoon at the time easily compete with that?where?when?and KVN.The game was very simply put, it was necessary to turn the drum, and were given prizes, and said a lot of jokes.To achieve the same success for the creation of the show today, not really, but how to go back to 20 years ago, is quite possible.This can be achieved playing the game online for free.Wonderland game available on many sites, you will need to choose prgosto that best suits you.

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Game Field of Miracles. Play free online games in the Field of Miracles.

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