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When you're young, everything seems very real.And the idea is not slipping, that this or that will not come true ever.If it is not feasible, just perhaps, my mother takes harmful.The most cherished desire of childhood probably still dream of having a pony.It is a little like a big horse has an impossible dream girls and boys.Looking cute in her sad eyes and a desire to be her best friend.Pony, despite his short stature, you can still call the noble animals.Small increases pony provides the charming and unique, which is so liking kids in kittens, hamsters, puppies.This is a very loyal loving animals to communicate a lot with children.Having become friends, ponies and children come to the aid of each other, believing himself to be equal.Horses with a well-developed sense of intuition, intelligent and kind animals, very dedicated and able to love the person who answered them in kind.They have especially felt in the mood within the host, and anticipate trouble.Moreover, as a rule, a pony to become the first horse on which a child can learn to stay in the saddle.Patience pony to be envied, he never will throw off the child and will not allow it to fall, hurt.A soft nature makes perfect pony friend and companion to the child.This friendship will never forget and permanently imprinted in the memory of the baby, will be remembered with love and affection.Our reality is that not every parent can afford to buy their child a little of the other.Good alternative in such a situation may be playing pony.In the game you will have the opportunity to think of how it will look like your horse.You can comb it and make a beautiful mane of long chelochku unique, and you can make braids of the tail and mane.Also add ribbons and bows to tie the ends.Your pet can look absolutely fantastic, if you make it in blue, pink or purple.Mane can be changed at your discretion.Its color may differ from the color of the body and tail.You can decorate your pony adding different patterns on the body.Make high-quality make-up summing up the eyelashes, changing eyes more expressive.Therefore particularly popular games for girls pony.Thanks to the people of the club there was a completely new Bratz Pony Games, characteristic of this style toys.It is still possible, and the recent innovation as a virtual school dances for a pony.You can even take a test and find out what you are now a pony.Just give answers to 10 questions.Girls are very congenial have this online game.Games for girls pony will help develop a sense of the good, the beautiful.

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