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Sometimes, things happen that the work you all are annoying, and exasperate setting.Autumn depression finally overpowered, but alcohol can not be used, because driving a car daily.It seems a little more and go crazy ....Everywhere waiting deadlock hopeless situation.But as the character from the cartoon of Baron Munchausen, "Desperate situations do not happen!By his three-cornered hat!"You can not visit Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, but I really want to experience the unique atmosphere of the East beckoning?Let me offer you an interesting popular game, which hit pretty simple and thrilling story.Imagine that you accidentally hit the medieval Persia, found themselves in the role of Prince of Persia.Your purpose - to save his beloved.Game in the style of "Action", so to achieve the goal will have to overcome many obstacles, to fight, to be prudent and cautious, because a lot of traps in the game, and the time available for rescue are limited.It should be noted that the princess will be waiting for a loved one is not more than an hour, or she dies or chooses Jaffar - your opponent.During the game, Prince of Persia, you have 12 levels of difficulty.You will meet the sophisticated traps, a large number of enemies that must be destroyed, the deep abyss, intricate mazes and more.Having successfully completed, a cascade of difficulties in the final game to fight and throw Jaffar.Only after that the princess would be saved.The number of lives is not limited to, when you die - it is necessary to start the level again, but lost valuable time.Of course, to play Prince of Persia is very interesting and exciting, so the game is so popular.Prince of Persia - a favorite game among both children and adults around the world.It was created in the genre of action-adventure, failed to take a strong niche, it has a rather high rating and it is considered to be a cult.Interestingly, the game Jordan Mechner created in creative tandem with his brother.They carefully worked each movement of the characters and digitized video.What separates the game from similar games at the time of the publication of its quality.V1989, the company introduced the Broderbund game "Prince of Persia", which is full of dangers and dizzying plot whirled in the 90 years of the last century, millions of fans around the world.Since the triumph of the planet has been more than 20 years, but the game Prince of Persia relevant to the present day.Many play them now.And you do not wish to repeat the path of the legendary Prince of Persia?This game would distract from their everyday problems, get rid of the constant stress and moves on their wings in the world of fairy tales and children's fantasy.During the passage of the levels a lot of fun, a lot of positive emotions and the world in front of you again iridescent.At this time, to play Prince of Persia you do not even need to install it to your computer, as it has on many websites online.

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Prince of Persia games. Play free online games Prince of Persia.

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