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Our society in the last few years the epidemic has swept incompetence.What used to take a specially prepared people to constantly improve their skills when working with a large number of customers, now is a busy dropouts.Who want to make good money this.Girls with fine motor skills dysfunctional hang on poles ads "Nail" and then in the hands lyapat customers ugly gel or acrylic build-up.Crafted from the tangle of hair bun terrible proudly hang on poorly designed website site called "Exclusive Handmaiden".And there, of course - double digits, the cost of this ugliness.Victim autodidacts who call this whole mess of creative self-realization, and a hairdressing.From popular American movies, we learned about the phenomenon as unusual "hairdresser" party.Several girls going to any of them and provide to each other through a kind of game hairstyles - for entertainment and fun.Someone in our country from this concluded that anyone can be a hairdresser.Passing-yourself hairdressing courses, these barbers, chattering scissors attack any innocent acquaintances.But the saddest thing in this story is that this self-taught does not even know the basics.Do not understand how you can with a minimum of resources, a hairdryer and a round brush to create a good installation.How not to burn through paint hair.How to choose the best hairstyle to the character, the face and style of the client.For him, this is not the right details.He tries to build on his head terrible, filled with cheap lacquered bouffant of hair, has a terrible form of horns and hooves, and as quickly as possible to photograph it, to put on a personal site or a page on the network that has the name, tapa "barber with a camera."Since the occupation of photography - another creation of such "ordinary" individuals.But many of these would-be barbers would not hurt to just play the game hairstyle would help them to gain the necessary experience and develop their imagination.And these games now find quite easy, you just need to type into a search engine "online games do hair."You'll see a huge list of websites that offer to play in these games, you have to choose the right and start playing.At these sites there is a special section "games for girls hairstyles", where there is a huge selection of games this subject.As always, there are two modes of play, play online or download the game to your computer and then install it.Which one is better you have to choose according to your wishes.

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