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Night follows day, times change, change in technology.The technological revolution makes a complete revolution in the various sectors of the economy.At the present time, new technologies have come to the gaming industry.So is there a simple game in three dimensions.On sale card with three de-effect of one of the largest manufacturers.The manufacturer advertises stunningly spectacular effects when using the latest generation of video cards.Even a simple, "shooter" using cards with three de effect turns into full-scale fighting with special effects.Exciting and spectacular.As you know, every medal has a reverse side.Latest generation graphics cards at a cost comparable to the average power of the computer.A year later, there will be games with special effects, which can show your card.Is not it a shame, paid several thousand dollars and a year buy a new graphics card with the latest technology and a higher price (after all, the newest super-technology).Who needs this technology race?After all, buying a high-technology products, do not forget that, after 6 months manufacturer to market a more sophisticated similar products, and your thing though would work, but it will be obsolete.Technology race only benefit sellers "expensive tech iron."Holders of the same old computers were left far behind.Although the usual office computer with 1 gigabyte of RAM and a graphics card up to 256 MB is acceptable and accessible to everyone.This computer is several times cheaper than the latest generation graphics cards, installed more or less quality graphics.On such a machine, you can play a simple game, and perform other useful work.Therefore, many gamers are moving to online games.In multiplayer games, usually going to pay on time, and it is quite expensive for your budget.Many are looking for free simple games on the network.It requires a lot of time and skills to work in the search engines like Yandex, Beagle, Google.And it is able to do every, and perpetual shortage of free time.Do not worry, many sites are a wide number of simple games of different genres.Key criteria - simplicity.No need to chase the expensive tech gadgets.Buy a regular USB flash drive (flash application).Simple games on a flash drive can hold a lot of it depends on the amount of application memory.Download it for free simple games with the selected page to the stick.Then insert the flash drive in the right slot on your machine.Play and get a lot of positive emotions and enjoyment of simple games.

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