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Released in the 2009 game of the series game prototype become quite popular.She likes to fans of action, contains a remarkable story.Has pleased fans of adventure games about meeting the assassin, because the game uses elements of parkour.Development designed for a wide audience, with different preferences.You play the role of the protagonist.Them is - Alex Mercer - a mixed character.This mutant, which consumes all in its path, is very powerful, excellent response, and a number of super-powers.When absorbing mutant acquiring an image of the victim, thus carefully examined the information contained in the brain.From the memories of the victims of a single chain is composed of the process of transformation of man into a monster.Gradually, during the game Prototype, Alex Mercer is transformed into a monster.The game takes place in New York to virus infection, the city is practically under martial law.In essence, the city ruled by anarchy and general panic.The causes of these events you can analyze during the game.During the game, the mutant is essentially plays another role, namely, the role of the collector of the genetic material of their victims.Genetic material, which is produced by a mutant of incredible efforts, during the game he plays for one of the key roles.Alex Mercer enemies abound: are soldiers of the U.S. Army, including a special commando unit "Black Watch" and other mutants as well as ordinary people in New York.You have to get out of dangerous adventures, cheat, and do not forget that the hunt for each character all around.And we need only to be mistaken as a hunter in an instant into a defenseless victim, the object of hunting becomes deadly enemy.Remember that as soon as the mutant swallow its prey, it must change its image and habits to avoid attention of numerous enemies, who are trying to destroy it by all means available to them.During the game you will have to change the way quite often.As soon as the defeat and absorb the next enemy, you automatically take its shape.Can be another mutant, U.S. soldiers, the venerable old lady or imposing man.You will be removed and changed often different images as a capricious lady gloves before masquerade.Regardless of the shape of the received super powers that you put on, always with you.In any form of character the ability to run on the vertical walls is not lost.Despite its unconventional "game prototype" is very popular, so you can offer to buy the game at a fairly high price.On the Internet there are many sites where this game is quite expensive, but many sites offer to download it for free.

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A prototype of the game. Play free online games, Prototype.

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