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The new century has brought a large number of shocks that affected the area of ​​sexual and gender.So, boys and girls, not to ultra-radical feminists argued, made even so much that it became a threat to world order.Boys in tight jeans, bright, with amazing women bags that are in lipstick - is almost the norm.While male children are easily carried away by female games, such as daughters and mothers, dolls and coloring.Everything has gone so far as to manufacturers of various media products can not determine the target audience.For example, women only works like a cartoon or TV series Winx Ranetki has sufficient percentage of fans of the stronger sex.In such situations, many of the products designed for girls, not changing, becoming unisex.For example, ordinary women coloring.In this case, the boys enthusiastically not just paint pictures, such as transformers, but a girl's picture on similarity Winx.Therefore, quite often you can find coloring games for boys, which contain purely female characters.At this time, regardless of gender, can be feminine.Therefore, parents are trying to instill in their hipsters descendants behaviors without division by gender.This model is perhaps true, but it can cause an imbalance in the society.Since representatives of conventional gendered enough.Fortunately, there are many people who want to keep the right man to be manly.They produce the product, which has proximity to the conventional female standard, has a distinct masculine elements.For example, can result in a product the games industry - games coloring pages for boys.These games have the need to develop simple girlish features colorings, but the subject is clearly masculine image.For example, cars or transformers.In this case, this kind of coloring allow boys to develop a creative talent.After all, if the wrong color scheme Disney cartoons leads to the disfigured creatures with terrible skin tones or color compound in rough clothes, the men paint quite the contrary provide a great creative space, as a transformer or a car does not have an explicit canon color.Therefore, the child is able to show imagination and create your own picture that is different from the original.In this regard, many games coloring a unique tool for the creative development of the child.

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