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Currently popular are exciting and interesting game rangers.Rangers called hunters, travelers, police.You always greeted these names like Texas or a space ranger.In America, with the same name are the aircraft carriers and a special program, which involved unmanned spacecraft to explore the Moon.Therefore Rangers games can contain all of these characters.In Tehasse rangers called special police units and elite infantry regiment, which is part of the U.S. Army.In Scotland and Chile have football clubs "Rangers."The popular sci-fi TV series "Babylon 5", is called "Ranger" military organization.Studio Elemental Games in 2002, was created and produced by 1C-known computer game "Space Rangers".This game belongs to a rare genre of epic games with elements of turn-based strategy, RPG, quest, arcade and space simulator, but well take it to one genre is difficult.The game tells about the war between the Galactic Commonwealth of five races, there are men, and hostile The latter, which are unknown, an aggressive form of life.The player will act in the role of volunteers, which is part of the organization is fighting Klissans.Distinguishes this game from various other available free action.When you improve your ability to sell something, fight Klissans, improve their equipment to repel the attacks of pirates and so on, the rest of the Rangers are about to engage in similar actions.In the game, especially in parts of the quest, there is a rather kusayuchy humor.This game is endorsed by many critics and censors, but the greater the reward is a huge popularity among players.That is what was the reason to continue the game, which was embodied in the game "Space Rangers 2: Dominators" (2004), where the events take place in the future of the cosmos began XXXIV century.Unlike the first part is the possibility of fighting in 3D, while in battle you can control any robot.The game creators have worked on improving graphics and increased the number of space stations, and old at the same time acquired new functions.Over time, the game rangers have appeared on many sites, and began to enjoy increasing popularity among various users.Many are interested in the Rangers, a game can not only recognize them, but at the time to become so.

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