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With the introduction of the old Karl Capek unusual word robot, its designation greatly transformed.Far away from the modern notation chapekovskogo.Since the Czech writer brought the word of the ordinary concept of work.Anthropomorphic mechanisms were required to help people make different kinds of complex work.However, over time fantasy world and the spread of computer technology completely changed the understanding of the term.There is already real robots are many pipelines automotive and computer industries.Mechanical manipulators collect cars, punched cards and perform the functions of a complex ultra-precise work.Now began to appear Androids - robots that run the interaction with the environment.Among them there are even robots that perform household chores, working with people and robots, dolls, for sexual entertainment.Therefore, progress has exceeded all predictions of science fiction.With the massive development of the computer industry came peculiar ethical problems.Since online games are used for robots - bots are primitive programs that simulate the course of human thought.Of course, they get a little more perfect, and therefore smarter.Also there is much more "intelligent" programs, such as search engines.Are used in areas incomprehensible to ordinary user, but these robots have a heuristic that gives them the opportunity to learn.For example, a special translation software, has heuristic module itself changes the dictionary, learning while interacting with users.However, practice has shown that the program has so far little opportunity to learn from their own people.Because the lies and cunning - categories that are not available to robots.In this connection, it often happens that the robot takes for granted someone a joke and then puts Hitler Stalin.Also, the rapid development of software and technology has caused new ethical problems.Can I use heuristics - because it can create too intelligent robot.Ethically - to endow machines will.Answers to these questions, both in dark fiction, to this day yet.Well, until there was an uprising of machines, many robots, online flooded.Yes, a variety of fiction novels and movies.Moreover, not just the program, and sometimes gloomy images of robots - with lasers and guns.Especially popular games for boys robots - remember Transformers, RoboCop, and other such characters.At this time, there are many sites where there is an online game bots, which has its own heading.There is, for example, a special section for boys games robots, where all the game about robots, which will be interesting boy.If you are interested in a variety of robots, games online will help you to satisfy your interest.

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