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Comics is a strange thing.Artists who create them, are not really artists.They also serve as writers.In this case, either as a professional word, not as a professional figure, they are not brilliant, but their work together is quite serious.They invent new worlds, not the usual strokes, they write and draw a fictional world, as if creating one of his.And almost every comic book creator tries to make their world as spacious, so that the reader could easily join him myself put in place any of the characters, and then begin to live their lives in the hero, though only in his own imagination.Data many worlds, certain major studio even tried to create for them the world combined.However, the consumer chooses only one or a few characters, rejecting all others.It is at this creates cartoons and comics about the struggle between the various superheroes.In the virtual game world for developers such confrontations much more space.As a result, there are fighting games, where Superman fights against betmena or human spider.However, few game developers delves into the stories of heroes.For each of the characters has a secret, usually a terrible and frightening.Every superhero - it looks perfect might and power, but inside - a suffering little man who has no past, but is not a better future.In games these subjects almost nobody touches, as players mostly interested Bezbashenny action - fighting, racing destruction.Therefore, almost all the games on this superhero rpg, Flying or fayingi.If Superman - means change and flying, shooting beams from his eyes.Spider-Man will jump and swing on its web, a female cat will be hit with a whip and scratching.That is the law of the genre.Recently, in this century, the cinema has revived forgotten superheroes of the famous comic book X-Men.The main hero chose Wolverine, so the name is now often read on many posters and in the game world.This hero of the people received a second life, he became famous as a film hero now.Currently playing Wolverine and the X-Men are very popular and have different themes and genres.This simple coloring, and puzzles, and, of course, fighting.They are all designed by completely different people, so as the incarnation, so idea may greatly differ from each other.After playing a variety of games Wolverine and the X you can independently determine which one is best and which is worse.

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Games Wolverine and the X-Men. Play free online games, Wolverine and the X-Men.

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