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Everyone knows that the folklore mermaids are creatures not very friendly.In some cases, meeting with them could have ended very badly for the man.In the game, the mermaid played quite severe.By the way, they do not have a tail.However, the creators of the image mermaid in the general culture, which began to put the popular Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale of the Little Mermaid in love, folk decided not to follow trends.The beautiful mermaid heroines are small and feature-length animated films, prototypes of toys and favorite of many children.This is especially true for girls.After the famous Disney movie "The Little Mermaid" and its main character Ariel, the mermaid became the favorite along with popular Disney princesses.They live in a mysterious underwater world of the sea, they are beautiful, they have a great voice.And what a tail?The tail can easily turn into a slender legs, if the little mermaid, finally met her prince.As we remember, in a cartoon, unlike fairy tales, all ended well.Therefore, games for girls, decorate a mermaid, making it more attractive and colorful.For example, dress up games, where a mermaid at the same time there is an opportunity to try on dresses and tail, if not the approach to remove it.Also, girls love to spend their time for the collection of puzzles with images that are drawn fairy mermaid.They like and paint where the rich marine world and heroines to paint in the correct color.And the older girls like games created based on the popular Australian television series of the youth «H2O: Just Add Water", which are available on request "h2o mermaid game."It tells of a schoolgirl who, after a swim in the pond Carter extinct volcano suddenly became mermaids.After the event, they have found some magical abilities, but some problems - because after 10 seconds of being in water, the latter-day mermaids unexpectedly rose fish tails.How do they manage to live after habitual life girls having such unusual properties and what adventures they will be able to know you're looking this series.If you want to play games mermaid, in this time, it is fairly easy.It is only necessary to type in a search engine for the query such as mermaids h2o games.The result is a list of sites where data are available, and the game you will choose the right.Almost any gaming site has a section for girls games mermaid, which contains a variety of games of these unusual characters.

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