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Once upon a time in the games on the console girls were severely deprived of games.Summary of the games referred not only to the male genre, however, and had a notorious signs aimed at the strong half.Certain games at a stretch attributed to the female, but it was just a word.A truly feminine game was one game - the little mermaid.But while many of the girls thought this game favorite, it represents a change in men's Fly.It did not matter where the matter in the air or under water, but the main features are the same: the absence of gravity - the hero could easily move across the screen, a variety of weapons (Fly in style LayfFors), thick and strong enough bosses.However, the girls still have their female game immediately loved her very much.That game was embellished plot rolls.Able at that time to create videos - easily and without frills: the story is clear, all recognizable.In the latest games usually do not get the little mermaid.The thing is that the famous cartoon from which she emerged the little mermaid, at this time is the old archives and literary prototype as reading, the children of the 21st century alien.Therefore, this character is not very popular.Yes, and a lot of studios will offer consumers many options mermaid.However, the subject of mermaids is relevant.And we loved the little mermaid too, found its second life.Online games mermaid allowed again to revive this popular character from the old Disney cartoon.The history of the little mermaid is known to several generations of children in America.We have this cartoon, which has existed since 1990, viewed on pirate cassettes.It's hard enough to say, would have been such a popular cartoon, if he came at us in a completely different time.Since then only Union collapsed, so receivers, VCRs, candy and gum poured huge flow into the territory of the USSR.Then any film could sell like hot cakes.The game is fully proved that the mermaid will have to settle down.But no one then had no idea that so long.The output of the cartoon and the popular game has been more than 20 years!Now with the development of the Internet, there are always a variety of sites, including a huge number of games.On those sites all games divided by category and almost always, there is a special section where games mermaid there in large numbers.Among these games, anyone can find a suitable game to your needs.Hoth'll wear a mermaid, want to paint it or collect puzzle with her image.Games are available for every taste.

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