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To all those who still do not understand, who are fans of fishing, and that in this lesson they actually find a way to understand it completely.Data, people need to just start playing Russian fishing!After all, better, accurate and painstakingly created by the simulator of fishing, at this time, there simply is not.Therefore, for him there is a fairly radical attitude.Some are literally sit out for years in this game, aside only real fishing.But others wonder how this game can be so boring.The game is all in life.Must be ready for this, before you dial into a search engine "Russian fishing play for free online."First you choose a place where to eat fish.In the game a lot of parts of Russia, where there is water, suitable for fishing.Their photos are the basis of locations, in this regard, "heel" in the game will be fixed.Dynamics is the sign of the audio track, simulating various sounds of nature.Finally, you have decided on the fishing grounds, and obtain the necessary permits.Now you need from play money to pay for the trip.Price depends on the distance of space.By the way, for the ticket to fishing will also have to pay.Then you collect the necessary rods and select the desired bait.Usually play Russian fishing, come players who in real life is very fond of this pastime.They know what is best to use bait when fishing for carp, and which at catching pike.If you do not have such experience - study in detail the game manual, where all the detail is painted to the smallest detail.Selecting bait, threw the bait and begin to meditate on the float.As in real life, the biting of the game, as in real fishing, can not begin soon.So the game Russian fishing, playing online where you can on many sites, not for those people who want to catch a lot of fish at once and take first place in the ranking.Trophies can always be put into an existing store or sell other players.With the money and are upgrading equipment.And then - again, looking for a place to purchase a ticket and throw one of his fishing rods.There are tournaments where you can win a valuable prize - the various tours, new rods, and other variety of game trophies.Russian fishing can play online in multiplayer mode, thus there is a rivalry between the real people who are in different parts of the world.At present such a request as Russian fishing play free online, you can find very often in various search engines.

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