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Of the various types of male pastime Friday, perhaps the most popular and interesting is the pool.This game fascinates anyone who only once touched the cloth of the table.Although there are a large number of different types, the most popular in our country are two types of pool: American and Russian.The difference is between the various types of billiard games so striking that few people can understand that they are all the same game.However, in fact, Russian billiards, American, carom and snooker are just a few common points.First, of course it's a game table, which is covered with a certain color fabric (cloth).Secondly - and cue balls.The total is over.However, if the Russian, American and snooker have pockets, the cannon played on special tables without them.The American billiards and snooker from a total width of the pocket.Russian also stands alone - in this game are the smallest pocket width of all these species.As you can see, the type of pool is not only the rules, but also on the configuration of the table.You can not play Russian billiards at American seven-foot table.The width of the pocket on the American table, multiplied by the unusual rules of Russian billiards game turns in beating someone who will go second.Cannon - the most complex form, it is impossible to play the usual player, so deal with it, we will not.In snooker used American pocket, but the snooker table, basically, more American.This is due to the number of balls: the American billiard balls 9.8 to 21 balls in snooker.Usual table for this game is a 12-foot table.In this case, the game is difficult, so recreational players can play a game for several hours, the professionals complete game only 15 minutes.The American - the simplest form of billiards.The most popular among the people who came to have fun, not to compete.The most common type of American billiards is eight.With the development of Internet billiards immediately began to enjoy great popularity in the gaming websites.Therefore, many have begun to play Russian billiards online free, the opportunity provided by many sites.But you can choose any type of pool, the sites contain special sections where there are virtually all that are in real life.But those who want to get the most out of the game better play Russian billiards, for free or for real money it'll have to decide you are.And select the desired site you can very quickly.

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Russian billiards game. Play free online games in Russian billiards.

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