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Computer games at first gives an opportunity to experience what it is not able to try in real life.One of the first genres are racing to provide the opportunity to experience the speed and the pilot's seat of fast cars.Later, the game industry gradually began to conquer, etc.sphere.At the moment, similar games are called simulators.Their goal - to enable interpret a particular profession.Killer, racer, pilot of the plane - the virtual reality has no boundaries.A large number of experienced players who feel their own duty to see all the latest releases, and vseet those who are interested in a variety of genres, are of the opinion that aviation simulators - just time consuming game.Is much more difficult to be a pilot than a driver subcompact.However, the flight simulator differ as well as the race.They have a rather complex operation.Internet games aircraft is labor intensive, so not every player can immediately learn how to play them.So many do not want to spend time learning to play, and looking for simple games Flying in airplanes.Simple Flying, available in large numbers, have a fairly simple operation and take up little space.However, there are situations where the normal letalka becomes very difficult for a player.To remember all those who have played the game on the console Top Gun.Almost all of the players in that game were unable to land a plane on the ill-fated aircraft carrier.Currently under development at once 2-network simulator MMORPG format.However, they are too heavy for normal play and require registration.But to succeed in the game - and even a certain amount of money.In this regard, many people do not try to play them.For many people the interest is pretty simple game.At this time there are plenty of sites where there are simple games online aircraft with simple controls, which handle even a child.These games allow you to relax and enjoy the control.During the game you can feel like a pilot and aircraft choose how you want to manage, even choose the military.Many sites have a huge collection of different games broken down by genres, including online games are very popular aircraft.As always play these games as possible in online mode, and download the game to your computer.There are fans of both of these modes.Who wants to play anywhere from a mobile device, choose the online version of who wants to have this game at home on your PC, download the game to your computer.

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