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How would our world is not moving away from the dark, conservative and patriarchal antiquity, certain remnants of her tenacious enough.They change shape, acquire new rituals, trying to sound modern.However, the essence of itself does not.The most glaring example - it was a wedding.At this time, people live a long time in a civil union, learning the most difficult in the relationship - the establishment of common life, grinding characters, overcoming challenges, joint problem solving, finding compromises, finding ways to express your affection and love for the person whom you see every day.And then one day, painted, or under pressure from relatives, or to simplify red tape, or label in this way the next important stage of relations.Position of married women and married men in the society changes upon the presence of permanent partner.A stamp in the passport, and the ring on the finger of a status thing for the people of patriarchal, conservative or just a short distance away.However, a large percentage of those who do not is none of the above, zaritsya property, money or real estate partner.Since the law of most countries of the former Soviet Union after the divorce requires equally divided all their possessions in a marriage.Even when it is the inheritance of a spouse, to whom the other half is not relevant.The institution of marriage has long been exhausted.But people continue to blindly follow the old traditions.The girls, who live in a dream of a wedding as a kind of career women's crown, sad clog manicured finger in the search engine "games wedding dress."Or more specifically the phrase - "games for girls wedding."Then pristraivaya to online lovely new bride dress, veil and flowers, waking dream about how they lead to the altar handsome prince.Not necessarily even a prince, let Bob from next class.If only the status of a terrible old maid as soon as possible to move to the level of a married woman.Sad spectacle, which has nothing to do with true love.For younger girls, if caring parents they have not stuffed brain stereotypes, wedding games for girls are a wonderful option odevalok.And the event itself is associated mainly with a beautiful dress.And for those who are older, of course, with the prince.In this case, the prince may have image of Edward Cullen or Naruto.Therefore it is not surprising that many sites have special sections wedding games for girls with a huge variety of games.

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