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Now picture ceased to be something very professional.SLR permanent attribute almost any blonde.Even if the camera is being applied to only part of the "green" mode, the main images to have a size of 40 MB, and was filmed at the "reflex."A laytrum photoshop and completely cut off the need to invent anything even with regimes SLR camera.Sepia is the pinnacle of artistic photography.Lenses?Why, when the girl who completed the haircut, bought a medium-quality SLR camera with a simple objective - it is already a hairdresser with a camera, a great star and creator - as haircuts and shooting.Reminds unusual guinea pig - or pigs, or the sea.A professional in the circumstances is to hide in close photo clubs, earning a living shooting, probably the only genre, won amateurs - weddings.This is the case when any girl refuses all his "friend with a camera" and this will hire professionals who will really great photos, not the usual, but end up in the tradition, not melancholy, and classical.Wedding - something so deep to drive the company deep into the consciousness of every girl that society has mass neurosis in connection with this topic.However, the groom in this case does not threaten a mental disorder.To him it's usually all the same, he just took the necessary rules wedding.However, women are able to upset until violent inadequate, even from a small speck of dust on a dress or a bad hair witness.In the process, many of them can safely walk the guests with a towel on his head and in sneakers, not noticing, "the plank in your own eye."But, these are the rules of the game for girls wedding.Often desire as quickly as possible to get married cause complete destruction of the personality.Unusual disease "married" in 90 percent of cases will start in 23 years, and when she finds a victim under 25 years old, she or healed, or destroys a person.A game designers with great pleasure that help the girls to nurture their dream to get married, developing games online wedding.Therefore, many sites have a large variety of games.There is also a special section wedding games for girls, in which the game can be completely free and without tedious registration.In most of these games bride stands a well-known character from the movie or cartoon, for example, Barbie, princess, and so differentetc.In some games, you only need to wear to visit, other fully hold the wedding.

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