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As a profession personal secretary in our society has a specific kind of image.Back in the 90's established a rather nedvuznachnoe understanding of the profession.Parents, when they heard of the daughter of a message about choosing a profession, in the majority, to panic, believing that complex educational measures failed completely.After the occupation, we acquires an aura of immorality and vulgarity.Therefore, the majority of the representatives of foreign companies have problems finding secretaries and receptionists.Because in this kind of jobs usually come those applicants who did not have the required level of professionalism in the delovodstva.But those who have extensive experience and capabilities in a completely different skill, not having to successful businessman practical.In fact, the profession's private secretary has a very complicated framework, as do professional secretary alien from the post-Soviet views, which are formed mainly in the environment of the party nomenclature.Professionals in the present case should not only be a waiter and office manager, he should know at a high level and possess delovodstvom so personal secretary should be aware of all the affairs of the company is not worse than the head.Therefore, because of prejudice against this difficult profession, at some point there was an incredible lack of professional secretaries.Attempts to post-secondary and higher education institutions to fill the gap in the labor market did not give the desired result, because the Soviet commanders also lacking in this regard, the Secretary for each interview turned into a kind of thrown a coin.Change the situation do not give themselves also represent applicants for this activity.This all eventually led to the closure of the market on the recommendations and calls.Indeed, the presence on the market of 2-types of supply and demand was the reason that the quality selection is necessary to resort to dating.Developers of computer games with understanding suitable for different user tasks.In this regard, see educational games immediately see all the popular games market needed.Also there, games for girls secretary, which should help the younger generation to understand the essence of the right is intellectually difficult profession.Games for girls secretaries are fairly simple titles, they will be able to detail and examples to explain the essence of the secretary and show potential delovodam some of the profession.

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Secretary of the game. Play free online games secretary.

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