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Quite a long time, the expression "American humor" here is something almost abusive."Come on, stupid, dirty jokes" - that have characterized his jingoistic patriots.At the same time offering a viable alternative in the form of post-Soviet mossy satirists.They completely turned a blind eye to the obvious - suppliers of flat gag question were native humor.And the interesting American comedy 80-90's post-Soviet conquered the audience is the quality of its humor.Sure, it lacked sophisticated allusions and overtones.But their sense of humor was a good, positive and straightforward.And in the 2000s, we had the opportunity to meet with another of his kind - American cartoons for teens and adults.The very first sign we were on television amazing Simpsons.The story is simple and yet woefully imperfect family from America won the hearts of many viewers.Just the fact that all the characters combine unusual realism and comic.Lazy goof beer, its responsible and serious wife Marge, daughter zauchka son bully and constantly delivering family troubles baby - very familiar to the balance of power.Not only for the provincial American town, but for the sleeping area of ​​post-Soviet cities.Husband constantly drinking beer in front of the TV as Homer.His wife calls all the seminal slackers to order, as it tried to make Marge.Son, Bart, always brings out the school unsatisfactory and calls on the carpet to the school principal.Daughter, as Lisa, an excellent student, teach lessons, to try to get into the life of a little more home region.Well, baby ... Up to a certain age all babies have the same function.That popularity and further recognition Simpsons staked them a place in popular culture.T-shirts with portraits of these characters, gifts, toys, and of course, entertainment computer software.At this time, simpsons games create more fun in them bringing that extraordinary sense of humor, which became famous cartoon.It does not require a special story.You just need to make these characters any toys colorful characters.That's all look for those who search engine gathers the "game play Simpsons."Since the simpsons porn movies make almost anyone acquainted with this game on the internet.For if the many old cartoon characters all have modern cooled, the yellows funny family now know and love it.Adults and children will have great pleasure in Simpsons 3 play online.Since the games in the series fairly wide range.A constant release of new gaming products confirms that online games, The Simpsons is not currently losing their popularity, only to increase it.At present, almost all gambling sites have in their section games simpsons online for free you can play them at any time, you only need an internet connection.

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