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During that like most children play?That's right - a full-fledged adult life.The desire to grow up as quickly as possible, make them in a game format to learn the things that we do without enthusiasm.Cleaning the apartment, cooking, office work, raising children - these boring, children, if possible, copy the following people around them.Previously, this was using the "role-playing games."Distributed all roles - who will be constantly busy dad, and who - a housewife-mother, who is an evil-chief, who is frequently complaining parents, while others - subordinates.Boys often copy the key signs of his father's profession.If the father is an artist, a son, at best, create yourself an easel from a variety of available tools.At worst - "artistic" razrisuy wallpaper in the rooms.Daughter gets great pleasure from the role of mother's helper, while around her trying to emulate.When you're out with her mother in the kitchen, asks to put on her apron and handed rubber gloves to wash dishes.Otherwise it would be all fun.Through such games children learn all the world and his own role in it.Now have a great opportunity to make this activity more diverse.There are new games simulators for girls.The essence of the game simulators for girls is to give the child the opportunity to get a complete picture of the maximum number of occupations and skills.Certainly not on the level of immersion in a difficult economic strategy, where you are the mayor of the city or the owner of farm land.Simulations for children, as a rule, clear and simple.Controls - click, which allow you to move objects on the screen, to make them the necessary steps, combined, used in the desired sequence.There are a huge number of options, "what to be" - manicurist, barber, owner of a fashion boutique or restaurant, cook, make-up artist.Basically "devochkovye" profession.Boys prefer a completely different simulators - Flying, shooting games, racing.However, there is a global difference - get a Sniper or a pilot car in this way is almost impossible.And remember the ingredients of various dishes, learn to match colors of makeup and clothes - is quite real.So it's safe to say that games for girls simulators create more applications, especially focused on the fact that the acquired knowledge can start using almost "here and now".Therefore, more and more sites are special sections, which included games for girls simulators, which are increasing popularity and visitors of the weaker sex.

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