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Simulation of life constitute a separate game genre, whose scope for review are rather extensive.A large number of skeptics suggest that these are the girls' toys, where control of the pair, which is building relationships, raise a family, earn money, furnish a house, have a child.They all seem primitive, and they proudly include economic strategy, which was built and developed city.Not knowing that his favorite game also falls under the category of the life simulator.Just a little bit different direction.Called with urban simulation.There are biological simulators, where you in the spirit of fairy tales offered to visit in the skin being some kind.In this case you choose for whom'll play - a wolf, a lion or a regular fish.There is even a biological simulator, where you need to live the life of an ant in an anthill.So you can always choose the game to your liking.However, we should bear in mind the character will have to live the life every day.Hunting or other means to get food, to get away from the various enemies, look for a pair.The developers of these games have tried to make them as fun, even though the concept requires consistency and smoothness.Judging by the fact that a variety of game simulation of life constantly are very popular, they are in most cases it is possible.There is still quite a large category of social simulation, where control of a human life.Sounds pretty pathetic.Therefore, these games are also called simulators god.They can play for several reasons.First, they create a false sense that life is a pretty simple thing.A few clicks of the mouse - and you're finished school.Certain combination on the keyboard - you're already working on the good work.After playing for a few days - you already high up the corporate ladder.Let them away from the realities of life, but very inspiring.The second way to have fans of these games for years to pump and to develop his character - the illusion of success.In real life, the player is not so smooth.Sometimes quarreled with his wife or child will sleep through the night, at work, boss yelled.And in the game you gradually go confidently to success, not distress, even when the character there are problems.So how to solve them is always very interesting.And the situation in any case decided in your favor.This, of course, adds to the optimism of life.Now there are millions of fans of the genre around the world, confirming the need for these games.

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