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Though geymindustriya continues to produce arcade whole packs, fans of the genre is constantly exploring new revenue, making them or favorites or rogue states.To all those who do not like the arcade, it is difficult to understand why some are successful and some are public in record time completely forgets.And the game follows the adventures of a fun snow bear snow, people do not recognize this type of games will cause some confusion."Well, bear, snowballs thrown, some critters running around ... What's the catch?".This question is really very difficult to answer.But, apparently, there is still a joke.Otherwise, why are constantly releasing new games about this character?Probably, they have a great demand.The plot of the game is quite simple.Traced schematic bear an amazing journey, the essence of which is described in the game.And all of his adventures are not limited to the north.There are games where the snow would fight with Egyptian mummies, flying into space to fight the robots, and even open a hometown cafe.But that would not have tried to do bear, he is always on hand to weapon - snowballs.Through well-aimed hits them he is able to turn your enemies into snowballs.It is for this and get points in the game.But this problem is not limited.There are levels where you need to create a snowball.This must be carefully snowball rolling - if you go too close, it will melt.Riding level, room will do the work for the bear, killing various monsters.How so?It's simple - one by his touch turns monsters into icicles.For any enemy that was transformed accrued points.In this case, you can get bonus points for destroying all existing level monsters.And, of course, is to find and pick up various bonus items - they are portrayed in the game as a box with a parcel.They add strength to give invulnerability - the usual function of bonuses.It is for this lesson, you will have to go through 20 levels of the game snowball.And in the end you waiting Level Boss.To defeat it is necessary to work hard: the usual snowballs that you have used before, it will not be harmful.However, for a player with experience in arcade game, nothing is impossible.Ponaryavtsya snowball game, all those who want to mentally return to childhood or your children get acquainted with the games in which he played a young.Now there are lots of sites offering the opportunity to play this exciting game, you just need to choose the correct one.

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