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Sonic hedgehog exciting adventures in our country came to be known not through comics or cartoons.Our territory for the hero - the world of the opposite.The thing is that many TV cartoon series began to buy only when there was a demand for them.A direct demand formed various Sonic games on personal consoles.This happened at a very late period.Since domestic traders buying wholesale game cartridges, try to choose the English version, not the Chinese and Korean.For all the negligible insertion stories, games with stories on the hieroglyphic language still suffer.The only exception is the game ninja cats.In this game the fans weight, but what they mean in the game, no one knows.With Sonic is quite different.The game appeared in our country is on consoles, the 2nd generation - the popular 16-bit Sega Mega Drive.Then they began to appear and the version for the popular 8-bit consoles, such as the dandy, and its Korean counterfeiting.Of course, they were primitive, but aroused great interest of the players, as well as popular segovskie version.Play games Sonic 2 times meaning was not.Dynamic running could hardly inspire more than odnoprohozhdenie.Despite the fact that the main feature was the presence of side-game levels and monotonous repetition.And the levels that do not carry the semantic load.Certain games only one of them and were.In this regard, in the absence of sonic saves passing game was virtually impossible task.At this time, the time has come when our world came a game without saving.Playing various games sonic online free on various sites, you can not survive.This is due to the fact that all platformers games that now appeared on the network, can not be changed.To keep the code, alien to the latest operating systems, special software, which can save a snapshot of a file the form function saves in the game.However, in such a profile can only emulators.Therefore, the network you have, as in the distant 90, play Sonic honestly.It is fun.You just need to forget about the fact that you have a right to be wrong.Such feelings in the latest games available, playing, for example, in the popular Hitman.Now playing Game Sonic can be played on most gaming sites.Need to find them in a search engine just type "online games Dream", then you will see a huge number of sites offering you to play them.You need to choose the most suitable.

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