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Does not always work so that the game is created after the series or cartoon.Now a very popular model has become quite the reverse - the game appears on the market, and then to create a story for her cartoon or movie.But this tradition is not new.For example, the popular game Sonic X was the beginning for the whole anime.The main hero of the console games were so popular with a large Japanese audience, created an animated series immediately gained megapopular.Even though the only genre where I could fit this hedgehog is anime, children and adolescents with pleasure watching adventures lightning hero on TV.In our country, by the time the series - in 2003 - formed the audience, who immediately fell in love with adventure and prickly fast Sonic.In connection with this anime show, and in all the countries of the former Soviet Union.It happened in the pre-computer (for us) era.In consequence of the popularity of games on older at the time Szego, again sprang up.People started to get dusty PlayStations with mezzanines and out of beds to refresh the memory of the pleasant feeling of fun games.In the age of the Internet there have been some strange transformation - people who were born after the hysteria Sonic, got the opportunity to get acquainted with the character of the network.And as a consequence, it came again a wave of popularity.But at the moment the network.And as Sonic X, Play allows in the same mode as the joystick, the children of the new generation again zafanatel of this amazing hedgehog.Games of this kind increased in popularity and TV series.However, in our latitudes, even then there were a lot of anime.Therefore, the animated series about gay dream book immediately fell into the category of children.Stop it with a really brilliant epic hero could not.He lives on the video monitors and television sets so far.And online games Sonic X has for a long time do not lose their popularity.Because unlike his rival Mario, Sonic hedgehog can build yourself easily in any setting.This does not cause a variety of protests and constant cries of fans at the game industry canonicity product.On many sites, there are games that repeat or continue the story of popular animated series.They are all absolutely free, so you can be assured that the game will stop at the most interesting to you to continue it will have to pay a certain sum of money.Also, you can download them all in a format swf.They are honest and simple games, the main objective of which good people, not just to make money on them.

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