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Strugatsky brothers could not even imagine that the characters of the famous novel "Roadside Picnic" will be seen by future generations not as completely as they were writers.After all, with the advent of the game about stalkers, competitor earning a kind of version of history of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the role of the word in the sense of the Strugatsky brothers all forgotten.The younger generation prefer to play the book, that at this time is not surprising.While that game developers put a lot of the basis for all of the novel, with the creation of the Strugatsky creators of games do not have much in common.So it turns out that the stalker-fest - a popular holiday disguised gamers and not a festival of literature.The game world stalker tells us about the mysterious area - areas located around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where there are enough strange things.The hero will need to come to grips with the armed groups Freedom, Debt, bandits and soldiers of the regular army, to get inside the reactor.It was there, according to legend, is something that desire to perform.However, it is in the final stage the player will have a fairly complex test - temptation.That's because he goes on about the desire of wealth, or find another way around, solve the mystery of the mysterious reactor will depend on his life and the fate of the entire zone.This story is completely supplanted history of famous writers, there is even a series of books completely unknown writers who will tell us about the new adventures of stalkers in terrible Chernobyl Zone.Also there and cut down version of the game.This is a standalone game, which are based on the popular Flash technology, enabling you to play without having to install directly in the browser.These games, by the truncated potential, are the small stories from the world of stalkers.They are mostly two-dimensional, but no less exciting than the original.But the most important thing - it's the atmosphere the game.In this regard, the stalker to play online for free, many are willing.However, the really high-quality free versions is small enough.Therefore, players need to spend some time to find the appropriate option in the Internet.They even offer a full MMORPG, but there, as in all similar projects, or to pay, or be in the top ten to play.Therefore, in such projects, not all want to play.Many want immediately without spending time and money to start playing the game.But you can still play a stalker online free.You just need to spend time searching for the site must be given the opportunity to play for free in this exciting game.Once you find it, enter it into the bookmark and you will always have on hand a favorite game.

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Games STALKER. Play free online games, Stalker.

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