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Anime - the main concept, which at this time is associated with Japan.However, few realize that Japan has a deep culture.They try to go deep in the anime and manga, is flat, that in this way you can experience the world of Japan.The result of this approach can be seen in the European market of animation, a kind of cheap "pink" forgery.But things are much more complicated.Japanese at the primary level to distinguish more colors than European in his life.He sensitively perceives colors and sounds, so their products are much more harmonious and better.What is not clear to our compatriot.It is for this reason that the Japanese culture has developed a similar view.Although the manga and anime are actually quite a significant part of the culture of the country.Manga - manga creators, not the usual artists, they are writers, screenwriters, comedians.Any of their works creates not only the world, but even a lot of the characters, items, and images.They are without outside help create a completely product, which is capable of envy even big-name European authors.Therefore, such an admiration for this type of Japanese art throughout the world and in our country.Popularity of anime in the games is also increasing at a tremendous rate.Not to defend the values ​​of the USSR wrote, but Japanese culture is good for our country.Basically it prevail personal values ​​- will, strength, character and important normal social settings - mutual assistance, friendship and problem solving.Why is normal?Because they do not require a person to interact with a friendly man who does not fit.Nobility is necessary to help those who suffer, while it is not something abstract (and hence alien to the average person) needs the level of "mast!".This kind of positive attributes provide the younger generation and anime that is targeted at a female audience.See how long the development of relations between boys and girls in the animated series.Remember, Sailor Moon, where the heroine of the relationship with the mysterious prince unfolded gradually over several seasons.Men anime has similar values ​​in the series of Fullmetal Alchemist, on basis of which the game Fullmetal Alchemist.The plot of the story of this series grows out of a desire to try to return the deceased mother and continuing rescue his brother.Fullmetal Alchemist games are very popular, so there are many gaming websites.So you can easily read this interesting game.

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Games Fullmetal Alchemist. Play free online games, Fullmetal Alchemist.

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