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The desire to play in a variety of computer games is not unique as the interest in the story, the desire to experience the agility, quickness of his reaction or analytical skills.So many people are also motivated and willing to tickle their own nerves.The latest technical features can make a game-thriller almost the same frightening, like a horror movie.A huge role plays a unique sense of presence, which the creator of the game to achieve still better than filmmakers armed 3D.View from the dark cinema, raging and roaring as horrible monsters - is one thing.But quite another to be in place of the character, which should reduce the population of this "living creatures."Therefore, along with the ranking of the most popular and most unusual, there is also the worst game.The list of games is changing every year.However, some games are in the top for a long time.Let's look at those parts of the game that can both entertain people, but also forcing him to experience fear.First of all, it is certainly a shooter.He is able to combine with anything, even with games dress up games, but the hero still has to have both a variety of weapons as well as the skills to use it.Also, the worst kind of games are different mysticism nature of evil.Action adventure and shooter in which there are quite real cops and gangsters, can be very high-quality game.However, the title of a game-horror claim he can not.In these games, your opponents will be mutants, aliens, ghosts and monsters.Being drawn and really very realistic.So terrible old games in fact.Terrible monsters, which are shot in the same Duke Nyukeme, hardly able to scare someone badly - they are too pixel.But we should not underestimate the role of the plot.Often, the game has a reputation as a powerful thriller only due to the fact that the plot is able to keep the players on their toes throughout all levels.If you flinch from almost everyone appeared suddenly in front of you a giant spider or zombie, so game developers have calculated everything right - their creation long you will be remembered.A large role in the creation of game-playing and horror soundtrack.When you play certain games with disabled powered speakers, you can see that in these games scared of your predecessors.Music is one of the best ways to influence the human subconscious.Without well-chosen, high-quality voice-game will not be so exciting.But to understand it is necessary at least once to play scary games.

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