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The modern market games every day increases its variety, so there are always a variety of game genres.Simple and not equipped with a unique storyline and jobs are the only classic game in a whole generation of them with great pleasure to play in the days of consoles.Now the emphasis is on originality.Shooters, adventure games, racing, exploring, quests - the developers are trying to make it all a whole new way, give the game a fresh breath and try a variety of approaches to the usual options.But how to do it with a shooter?There are several answers.Need to focus on the figure arrow.That is, give it a bright character, or put on his popular character role.Of course, you can pay attention to the enemies that it will destroy batches of his superweapon.Aliens, monsters, ducks, killer tomatoes - it's already once been.However, you can find the consumer, with which the shooter is facing execution for the first time.There is a third, a win-win - change weapon.It is on this principle was established game, the foundation of which is archery.Rather, a lot of games with his audience and presented as part of the genre of shooters a distinct cultural category.Changes here do not apply to arms, but to the character.After all, the image of an archer has a far greater potential than a powerful commando with a bazooka.Through its online archery moved to back to medieval chivalry, in the era of great discoveries, when the bow was the weapon of the various Aboriginal and Native Americans or just the stadium, where competitions are held on the sports of archery.It is to such a variety of tasks and decorations tend to those who traded in the search engine English phrase "archery game online».Also, you can find these games on demand "archer game» - because games archery most is an online flash games.They are simple, but they should not be primitive call.These games need more coordination and accuracy than with the passage of ordinary shooter.Of course, many do not believe it.Then they just need to try to play yourself in these games and they understand from their own experience that it's not as easy as it seems at first sight.One need only try to play these games and you will see how much they are fun and interesting.Almost always it is possible to download the game you like to your computer and then install.Since it is not always possible to connect to the internet and play.

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