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About ten years ago, almost every fan of the video games have a game console, complete it carefully walked two joystick.Of course, at the time when China was dominated by low-brow products often happened that sticks out of order, but some time console owner has another specific feature of their social image - sometimes to his friends came to play together at the same time in the same game.At this time, when all computers, this can not be a surprise to anyone.These gaming quiet evenings in the company of best friends changed to sleepless nights in the MMORPG.But what if you are to finally sewed friends, and you want to refresh and play a simple game?You in this case to help online games for two players.Shooting of the major genres in high demand.This is a special category of flash games that you can play from one keyboard to two people.Of course, a little awkward, but much excitement!Very popular in this genre are shooters and fighting games.While shooters are very popular, because in this case there is an opportunity to play against one another, but together against the computer.Shooting games are enough for two exciting, because they are not talking about the usual competition, but of a kind of mutual aid.In this case, the computer mind never sleeps, it immediately starts sending you to more enemies, so you'll have to share this difficult "work" in order to successfully complete the level.Sometimes it happens that one player, a little behind, leads the other.Therefore the timing of actions in these games greatly affects the game.For example, in the game Contra (with emphasis on the O) at passage level with a waterfall rushing one player will be the reason that the second just fall over the lower edge of the screen and therefore, lose a life.Hot flash technologies, makes it easy to program issues a game where the keyboard is divided into two full control unit.Remember that game on laptops for two shooters may not work, because there is no numeric keypad.Great diversity in the genre of shooters not pair - or a confrontation with each other or co-flow of classic shooter.However, it is enough to fully enjoy the excellent atmosphere for children and youth memories, sitting in a comfortable chair at the computer Many sites have a variety of games for two shooters, so you always have the opportunity to choose the best for you.They are completely free, so you have the ability to do anything with them - play, download or just add to your favorites page.

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