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Sudoku is another very popular kind of intellectual game, which is available on many websites.So you can easily play sudoku online on most gaming websites.At these sites, there are special sections, which contains classic Japanese Sudoku puzzles with different sizes playing field, but the most popular size is a 9 by 9 cells.Of course, in this game you can play in two modes: online or download it to your computer.But most people prefer to play sudoku online.This is especially convenient to those who reside in the road for them to play your favorite game only to any mobile device, and access the Internet.Sites that allow free play sudoku have specific data partitions games.In this section, you can sort the games in terms of complexity, rating, title, date, etc.etc.It's all designed specifically for the convenience of the user.But if you decide to participate in the ranking experts popular Japanese puzzles, you will need to complete a simple registration.Now, when there is a general dominance of computer games about dragons elves and star battles, many mind games back to the people, appearing on their screens.Not surprisingly, in Sudoku want to play online are so many different users.And the secret in this case is very simple - now in an era of bright design and great contrasting colors in the TV still on the Internet, the human eye just want to relax.Sudoku is an excellent opportunity to the people to relax with use.So how to solve these puzzles requires a good knowledge of logic.Also play this game in the online mode is much more exciting.Since the computer program has a much greater potential.You do not need to think about what you'll do next after solving a puzzle.You just need to generate a new one.By the way, you may remember those old newspaper sheets on which there was no room on the erasure and pencil labels?So this will not be on the computer.When you play, you can do yourself a mark, write to each cell to 4 hypothetical figures.You probably agree that it's a lot of visual and convenient.But you can also complicate the solving of Sudoku, just not taking advantage of all these functions.Special fans are also quite sophisticated programs that do not show you any tips that make you go completely gone from a couple of numbers to all the completed board.

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