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Foes book twilight saga called plague of the 21st century.However, in reality it is just for the time being forgotten genre, kind, feminine romance with all its conventions and canons.Somehow modern public is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that for the first time a girl in love, even in thought can seldom generate content harder sighs, "I can not live without it ... Oh, he's so ... It's great ... It's beautiful ... Without it, life has no meaning."Author Stephanie Meyer actually managed to perform a miracle, all this leading to a form of literary works perfectly readable.That's just the first woman's love looks like from the inside.When she overcomes various obstacles external, that are in the way of her feelings, as he does Bella, it grows as a person gets stronger, with useful experience in dealing with the circumstances.But if she comes face to face with another problem, which is called - a betrayal of a loved one, it once flourished calculation, bitchiness, trauma and consequently undermine the credibility of the men.And the picture becomes more complicated, and once there is something that will move the plot of the novel, or sketched in it life heroine.That is what most of all love stories in literature.In this twilight fanatic readers consist of a female audience, which subconsciously feels the correct version of the story.Girls waiting for their first love, women, burdened with family and his solitude - they all see in the excellent relations of Edward and Bella's ideal scenario beautiful first love.They themselves were waiting for him in his life.Or mourn already unfulfilled dreams.Fairly common pattern for women's sentimental literature reflective nature.By the way, is not banal.This adventure sexually liberated women in the big city - a very frequent at this time of the plot.Where violent color painted the entire range of modern women's trauma and problems.And which, as a kind of role model to the extreme destructive.Men can not understand the love of women to this vampire saga.Like their hunt to play in unusual games twilight.The majority of which come under the genre of adventure, and sometimes performed as a simulator visits or usual dress for divine Edward.Twilight games have long been a part of fan culture formed around the film and the book.Games for girls twilight very exciting, so sought after by users.But mostly in the games for girls twilight all try to play online.

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Twilight Games. Play free online games, Twilight.

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