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Super Mario is one of the most popular computer games in the world.This game is listed in Guinness World Records as the best-selling in the history of computer games.It has huge popularity, even has a street named after famous Superbratev Mario.The main characters of the game - two brothers, a plumber.Luigi and Mario.In the first game, they need to go through the Mushroom Kingdom, fighting warriors Turtle King Bowser.Their main goal - to rescue the captured princess.When they are attacked by the enemy, they jumped on it at the top or bottom of the platform hit the enemy.Frightened turtles could use against other enemies.Heroes had feared carnivorous plants.And while collecting bonuses, coins, and other useful things.For 100 coins provides additional life.The very first game in the series came in 1985.Then came a huge number of extensions of the computer game.And in 90 years, and there was the film "Superbratya Mario."In this ever created cartoons and comics with these characters.If the first game is the classic arcade games, you then have to release the game, belonging to a completely different game genres.It offers those who want to play Super Mario, a huge number of roleplaying games.Among these, there is one game where Mario invited into the yard to the feast of the beautiful princess Peach.But when he came there, the castle is somehow captured by the villain, who immediately threw Mario out a window.Mario comes to life in the deep woods.He needs to find new friends, release from captivity spirits and save the princess.But it is very difficult.In this way it is lots of adventure.There is also a series of sports games of this fun character.In particular, the game dedicated to racing.A few games on golf.Game where Mario plays tennis.There are football games with Mario, with football can be in very extreme conditions.Sometimes, under the blows of meteorites and to the waist in water.However, there is quiet game.A lot of games where Mario is involved in a variety of Olympic Games.He is involved in both the summer and in the Winter Olympics, which are different cities.There is a series of puzzles with Mario.Of course, all games where there are Superbratya Mario impossible to list.The sheer number.With the development of high-speed Internet a great opportunity to play in the Super Mario online.Many gaming sites have the opportunity to play Super Mario online for free.But always remember that Super Mario can play for free online at a good speed Internet access.Super mario online games allow many users to remember the times when they are in the games played on the old game consoles.If you want, you can always find a site where you can play for free super mario.

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