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In today's office culture concept cool toy, as a rule, that the language of the players called clicker.This is a game where the main objective is rapid mouse clicks on the designated areas the game screen.This is the technical side of the game, and in what kind of wrapper wrapped game developers decide, and they use all their imagination.At this time, when the game became more active in developing the farm, the clickers have a new appearance.The creators take care of those players who do not wish to spend a few days until the desired mature plant.They are designed for different simulators, where it is necessary to work in the shop to build the city or garden grow, but their concept is very different from the online version.The point of these games is to click on the necessary garden beds, planting plants, harvest and sell it on the market.These games do not need to wait long.It is only necessary with increasing speed to perform tasks that fall over the desired object.The player only need to choose the optimal sequence of clicks, then changes the amount of money earned.This money can purchase upgrades, however, a variety of games are the various upgrades.For example, in certain games, these improvements help you to easily perform a variety of gaming duties, and in others the opposite - only complicate your life.One of this kind of clickers, or, as assured developers, business simulations, is an exciting game Supermarket Mania.Play online in this game is very simple.In this game you start working merchandisers.The main duties of your goods on the shelves, lay in a special way, to assist consumers to buy everything you need.Of course, at first all seems simple enough - check the fish, melons, sausage and cheese, recharge in stock carts, check to bananas, cherries and milk - all uzhu ready.Next you just need to fill up the goods sold.But it is not so simple.With each mileage level there are more buyers.By the way, customers are divided into species.Old women are more patient, may long to be near empty shelves, but the goods are buying large quantities.One old woman can easily buy all the sausages on the counter.Young girls - quickly get angry when they see empty shelves, but buy a few products on offer, but in small quantities.Supermarket Mania allows you to play online for free, in rare cases, because the original game paid and owned miser from Alawar.

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Supermarket Mania game. Play free online games, supermarket mania.

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