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Superhero theme is still one of the top topics of popular culture of the twentieth century.Drawn in the 50 years of the 20th century, the unique stories in pictures still provide food cartoon and cinema.Directors constantly removed from the last of the next savior of humanity and try to tell his story, using such modern achievements of cinema as 3d, much seasoning its great special effects.These effects even in his wildest imagination did not represent authors of the first comic book in the style of noir.The result was that the comics with the cinematic and literary classics found ourselves under severe, but the fifth ironic postmodernism.Who likes to play cultural icons, their mocking, reinterpreting, ironically, and using stories and iconic characters as elements of design for the development of new concepts.A significant event in American cinema is famous movie Zack Snyder keepers.This superhero film images were reinterpreted rather unexpected way.This interpretation, where impeccable fighters with evil, there are problems, complex, complicated, cynicism and penchant for sadism, regardless of the quality of the director's work (she was on top), gave a subtle taste of hopelessness.Great komiksovoy noir without a happy ending, and embellishment, presented by Robert Rodriguez in his unusual Sin City.Here, everything is much sadder than "keepers" because out of this vicious circle of sinful spectacular black-and-white world at the expense of the struggle against evil is not there.Actually, a lot of classic comics often ended in this way, as long as their authors were not yet commercialized, and did not really understand what the audience needs protagonist necessarily alive.But there is an optimistic jet postmodern superhero concept images.This is - a lot of good and funny cartoons, using the image of the savior of the universe and the world.Here it is also portrayed as a common man, but did not produce negative qualities, but directly to the ordinary life of the average American.Peculiar variation on the popular theme "bank clerk can save the world."Can not imagine what it looks like?Then you definitely need to see cartoon "The Incredibles."As usual, right after the release of the popular cartoon, created a lot of games with these characters.So the game can be found online Incredibles on different sites.In these games, you can see all their favorite characters.In the online game The Incredibles can play for free.

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The Incredibles game. Play free online games, The Incredibles.

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