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Game, where the main characters are the taxi driver and his car became very popular after the series of famous film Luc Besson "Taxi".Of course, their stories is not very well thought-out and complicated, but the audience was able to conquer their Bezbashenny action.In some cases, this effect can be achieved, and game developers.And their games, taxi does very well known and loved by users of all ages.While fans of games, there are those who are completely indifferent to the French film.The thing is that a lot of game about taxis are very difficult to attribute to a specific genre.Of course, it seems that the game with the machines have to be racing.However, here you need not compete with other racers to winning, and with slowly trailing a stream of cars in the big city.And thus it is necessary to follow the rules of the road - is strictly forbidden to shoot down pedestrians, other cars, and even the trees on the roadside.It is not recommended to park in the wrong places and leave on the counter.Undoubtedly, the effects are much milder than in real life - in the beginning of the game you come back after a number of accidents.However, they do not get better - because each accident takes you gained points.In addition, any job in the game due to a particular route.There is a large number of quests where you need something to take or deliver to the destination.Sometimes to perform the task given a certain time, so it must be done at high speed, otherwise the customer will be dissatisfied.Most of the route is not clearly defined, it can be chosen independently.While en route to pick up passengers - it was how many of them will depend on your earnings.One must not only select, but also to land in these locations.So we have to learn the difficult art of parking and maneuvering in tight street flow.It was the most peaceful option play taxi.There is a more dynamic version, which is built entirely on the plot of the movie.This is the original race with no rules to get away from the police and other pursuers, overcome various obstacles.Of course, in these games you do not have to reckon with the rules of the road.The purpose of the game is simple - to break away from the pursuing enemy.Sometimes the enemy machines that you hurt, you get points.Depending on the game and different rules.One thing is clear - this is the usual urban race.Which grew out of the fact that there was a film Luc Besson.Where superfast taxi as lightning travels to Marseilles, constantly participating in clashes between police and gunmen.

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