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Many of us have dreamed of as a child to have a pet.But because of various problems, most were not able to translate this vision into reality.Topic of parents who do not allow your child to have a kitten or puppy perfectly revealed in the story of The Kid and Carlson.In the 90 years my parents a great opportunity to discourage the child wishes to have a pet.This capability - Japanese Toys - Tamagotchi - provides an opportunity to show your child what will happen if the dog is not to walk and feed.Of course, while this seemingly rather childish game has created a lot of problems, resulting in the entire cemetery Tamagotchi.However, the essence of the idea is correct.Now the children have plenty of choices to have a virtual pet.It is possible to even swing a game with cute little animals, but most of it does not bring the desired effect.And the old proven Tamagotchi instantly mastered the internet.Anyone can grow - from ordinary seals and dogs to fairies and dinosaurs.It all depends on the imagination of the developers.But, you need to pay attention to the kind of game Tamagotchi because your kid can not wait strong disappointment.Because most online games of this plan are divided into ordinary flash drives, which allow only for a few hours to relax.Then, after the session completely erase all the results.And other games provide an opportunity to play for a long time for several years.For this game, you must have the game database, and in most cases they require registration.When registering memorize insertion data to the child in the morning instead of the pet did not see cold "new game."When you select a game, be careful because these games as a medicine - sometimes helpful, accelerate the development of the child, and sometimes dangerous.The number of suicides in Japan from destruction Tamagotchi nearly reached the verge of an epidemic.However, networks are safer, since it is always possible to start the game again, so you can be sure that your child does not get traumatized.On many sites, there are games Tamagotchi, which are specially designed for relaxation.They are not used to this character's growth over a long period of time.In the course of these games you can feel myself totally owned different animals - turtles, hamsters and even dragons.If you do not want to tamogochi online play, you can download the game to your computer.For some users, this option is more like it.More and more people go online for these games, because they know that Tamagotchi online game interesting and fun.

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Tamagotchi game. Play free online games, Tamagotchi.

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